Ophthalmic Lens


  • highly efficient production
  • latest technology
  • dedicated and strong motivated team
  • providing excellent value for money
  • cooperative partnerships with customers
  • focus on European standards


  • 1980, Huaming Optical was established and begins to produce mineral lenses
  • 1985, started to supply mineral photochromic lenses
  • 2000, built new factory to produce plastic lenses
  • 2006, built Rx lab to produce free form lenses
  • 2011, sets up new production base in Danyang to expand the production
  • 2011, founded HUAMING Optical Europe GmbH in Berlin
  • 2012, founded HUAMING Optical Singapore


  • customers and service support in China, Singapore and Europe
  • planning and logistics
  • customized products
  • customized packing
  • technical support services
  • original equipment manufacturer (OEM)